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Marco Pierre White

Not only was Marco Pierre White ecstatic about our food provenance he also said our crackling was the best he’d ever tasted!

Wedding Catering

No matter how big or small your wedding is we will help you to make it one to remember for all the right reasons!

Hog roast or paella

in the comfort of your own home or a full wedding reception in a tipi in a field in Cheshire!

Catering for all – weddings, private parties, corporate events, banquets

We are so much more than just the best Rare Breed Hog Roaster in Wirral!

Manna Foods is extremely proud to have earned itself a reputation for being the best Rare Breed Hog Roaster in Wirral, and although we are passionate about our pigs, we assure you, we have a whole lot more to offer! We are totally committed to delivering a catering service that exceeds expectations. We believe that it is this focus on service excellence, combined with the amazing food creations that set us apart from other catering companies in this area. All of the ingredients in our dishes come from producers who share our passion for good food - and we can tell you exactly who they are and where they are located!

Our traditional values and beliefs permeate every aspect of our catering business:

  • We Keep it LOCAL - everything we do is done with the specific intention of supporting local businesses and farmers
  • We Keep it HOMEMADE - nothing is bought in bulk packs and everything is made specifically for your event so we can tell you exactly what has gone into your food
  • We Keep it ORGANIC - wherever possible we use the best organic ingredients but we will absolutely not do this if it means violating our ‘Keep it Local’ belief as food miles cause more harm than eating good quality non-organic food.
  • We Keep it RARE BREED - Apart from the superior taste, it is through the cooking and eating of rare breed animals that we create a demand for their meat, which means that we will ensure their survival in what has sadly become a crate-bred meat-dominated society. If it's bred in a crate or has lived in a crate we will not cook it: simple! All of the amazing pigs we use in our rare breed hog roasts or BBQ pulled pork are raised the old fashioned way, with freedom to socialise with one another and snuffle for roots outdoors, which contributes to the most stunning meat and awesome crackling!

“I cut my teeth at most of the best farmers markets and food and drink festivals in the Wirral locality, where I quickly built up a reputation for the most amazing food to go. It didn’t matter if it was hog roast, pulled pork, my own home-cured bacon or super authentic paella people recognised Manna Foods as a symbol of quality.” “From these humble beginnings I was asked to cater for some quite prestigious weddings and the odd celebrity’s private party and so the private catering side of the business came into being. In early 2010 I was lucky enough to cross paths with a chef who trained at the Box Tree with Marco Pierre White who works with us as a development chef helping to push boundaries and make dreams come true.”

Clive Ransom - Owner and Head Chef



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